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Steering-Wheel Covers We Might Actually Consider Using

The benefits are undeniable, but the aesthetic isn't for everyone. Here are five steering-wheel covers we'd consider.

steering wheel covers
Achiou, Andalus

Sliding into the cockpit in the dead of winter can be an adventure, especially if your car or truck doesn't have creature comforts like auto start and heated seats. A heated steering wheel is a heck of a perk of modern cars too. But most older vehicles lack these features. Seat covers will help keep vinyl and leather seats from feeling icy on your bum and back—but what about your fingers on that shocking-cold steering wheel?

A steering-wheel cover is the answer. Made of modern, breathable, and soft but grippy materials, today's steering-wheel covers are a far cry from the slippery sheepskin ones your grandpa used (more on those later). They come in many styles, designs, and textiles. But we admit it—the aesthetic isn't for everyone.

Either way, the benefits are undeniable, and this accessory makes a thoughtful and affordable gift. Here are five steering-wheel covers we'd actually consider using in our own cars.

Top-Rated Products to Winterize Your Garage

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1 Auxlight Universal 15-inch Steering-Wheel Cover

Noted for its comfort and grip, this microfiber cover from Auxlight is made for 14.5- to 15-inch steering wheels. Not too sporty or too fancy, it's just right for most standard cars.

2 Pinctrot Large Steering-Wheel Cover

Made for steering wheels 15.5 to 15.75 inches in diameter, this cover has a silicone honeycomb design and a microfiber base material that offer fantastic heating and cooling properties.

3 Achiou Color-Accent Steering-Wheel Cover

If you want to sport up your ride a bit, consider a color-accented steering-wheel cover to match your paint. This one is available for 14.5- to 15-inch wheels in red, blue, gray, silver, and white.

4 SEG Direct Large Steering-Wheel Cover for Trucks

If you roll in an F-150, a Tundra, a Ram, or another vehicle with a 15.5- to 16-inch steering wheel, this is the cover for you. It comes in a multitude of accent colors and designs to suit varied tastes.

5 Andalus Sheepskin Steering-Wheel Cover

For the ultimate in big-pimpin' grandpa style, you can't go wrong with the OG. Seriously, sheepskin covers like this one are sooo comfortable on your hands. They're great for road trips and long drives—and inexpensive enough to toss when you're done enjoying them.

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