Ferrari Purosangue Leaked Images Show the Super SUV's Styling

From what we can tell from these grainy photos, Ferrari's first foray into the SUV world will be polarizing at the very least.

CocheSpias via Instagram
  • An image circulating on social media purports to show the new Ferrari SUV.
  • Called the Purosangue, this new model is slated to begin production later this year.
  • We're expecting a turbocharged V-8 engine to be standard, with a possible hybrid setup.

    Just the idea of Ferrari producing an SUV has created plenty of controversy on its own, and this first glimpse of the upcoming Purosangue is sure to get people talking all over again. A few leaked images making the rounds on social media purport to show the new Ferrari SUV from the front and rear angles on the factory floor. Whether it's the camera angle, the poor image quality, or some combination therein, they don't paint the most flattering portrait of the Purosangue's proportions.

    The overall shape seen here lines up with what we've seen in spy photos of the Purosangue. It appears to have a long nose, four doors, and a sloping roofline not entirely unlike the GTC4Lusso shooting brake's. A sharp cutline runs from the hood and creates a scooped-out portion of the front door, while black plastic body cladding around the wheel well ensures that it will look the part of an SUV. The rear appears to have a full-width light bar connecting two sets of taillights.

    A turbocharged V-8 engine, possibly with assistance from an electric motor, is the most likely choice for the Purosangue's powertrain. But it's possible that Ferrari could stuff a hybrid V-12 setup under the hood, or a V-6 hybrid powertrain for the base model. We should learn more later this year when the Purosangue makes its official debut. Ferrari has confirmed that production will begin in 2022, with customer deliveries starting next year.

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