This Maserati-Powered Quad Bike Is Off the Deep End of Crazy

It's called the LM847, and it has an insane 470 horsepower.

Lazareth LM847

Like riding motorcycles, but don't think they have enough power? Boy, do we have the bike for you. It's called the LM847, and it's powered by a Maserati V8. Yes, you read that right.

Lazareth, the same French coachbuilder that created this wacky Ferrari-powered quad, is back at it again with its rideable super-machines. This time, it's sourced a Maserati engine for the drivetrain, and built a wacky quadricycle around it. It's not unlike the Viper-powered Dodge Tomahawk concept quad that debuted back in 2003.

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Even though it has four wheels, the rider is still able to lean into corners, meaning it can make use of those extra tires. That grip is certainly needed, too. Lazareth says the bike makes an obscene 470 horsepower, and 457 lb.-ft. of torque from that Maserati sourced V8. While it looks pretty big for a bike, the LM847 must be insane to pilot.

Lazareth doesn't give any performance numbers, but judging by the power and size of the thing, we're sure the LM847 is one of the quickest things on the road. If you're brave enough to get on it, that is.

via Top Gear

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