Calm Yourself By Watching a Freshly Restored R34 GT-R Get Detailed

It's an R34 Z-Tune, the rarest of Skyline GT-Rs. You're going to want to see it all shined up.

Need a little break from the noise of daily life? Watch this video of a purple Skyline GT-R being detailed. Unorthodox stress reliever, we know, but it works. There's something so calming about watching a car meticulously cleaned to a better-than-new standard.

It helps that the car in the video is rather spectacular. It's an R34 GT-R Z-Tune recently restored by Nissan at its famous Omori factory, and painted in one of the best Skyline colors—Midnight Purple III. Nissan's tuning arm Nismo built 20 examples of the Z-Tune in 2005, after R34 GT-R production had ended. It featured a number of parts from the Skyline GT-R GT500 race car, including carbon-fiber body panels, and a hand-built engine said to put out around 500 hp. In this majestic shade of purple, it's a stunner.

The detailing comes courtesy of Australian company Auto Attention. These guys know what they're doing, and the final result speaks for itself. We just wish we could see it in person.

So kick back, make yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy. Our only wish is that this video was longer.

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