This Stunning McLaren F1 Could Be Yours for Just Two Billion Pennies

McLaren F1 042 is known as a well-loved, driven example that's painted in a lovely shade of red.

Out of the 64 F1 road cars McLaren built, only seven were originally sold to buyers in the United States. One of those seven is now for sale.

McLaren F1 chassis 042, the 33rd F1 built according to the F1 registry, has popped up for sale on Painted in red with a two-tone red and black interior, it looks to be in perfect condition. According to the site, the car has only two owners since new, and has been meticulously maintained. Mileage hasn't been disclosed, but the ad says it's "covered enough mileage to be usable," which suggests the new owner can pull off some road trips without doubling the odometer—exactly what the car was built to do.

The pictures of the car are great, but we highly recommend taking the time to watch the video Issimi put together above. In addition to seeing and hearing the car driven hard, we're also treated to a detailed account of the F1's history, its racing success, and how the cars are still maintained by McLaren.

Issimi hasn't listed a price for F1 042, but it's safe to say you should be prepared to spend eight figures to get your hands on it considering the video alludes to needing "two billion pennies" to buy. F1s regularly fetch well over $15 million dollars at auction, with an LM-spec version going for $19.8 million—the most ever for a publicly auctioned F1—back in 2019.

If you're looking for an F1 that's a bit more racy, the first McLaren F1 GTR Longtail built is also for sale right now in the U.K. But be warned: It's likely not a bargain.

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