The Morgan Plus Four CX-T Is the Best, Worst Track Car

This onboard video from an Evo track test is proof off-roaders can be fun on pavement.

The Morgan Plus Four CX-T was not built for track work. With an external roll cage, a suspension designed for off-roading, and a set of all-terrain tires, it is perhaps one of the least track-friendly new sports cars on sale today. Somehow, all of those things seem to make it that much better to drive on a circuit.

U.K. publication Evo recently got its hands on one of the eight CX-Ts set to be built by Morgan for a track test, and recorded a full onboard lap for its Hot Lap YouTube series. The CX-T, being built for rally courses rather than race tracks, looks woefully out of place on a closed circuit. That all-terrain rubber has ultra low limits, while the long travel suspension and relatively high center of gravity kill any momentum through corners.

But its those ultra low grip limits and massive suspension travel that make it so enormously fun on track, too. Sure, the lap times aren't anything to brag about, but presenter Steve Sutcliffe seems to be getting sideways at every turn, using the suspension to fling the weight around and slide the rear out at every possible opportunity. In that sense, it's a great track car. Because lap times shouldn't actually be important for cars like this. Having fun is the whole point, isn't it?

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