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Deal Alert: 4 Tire-Chain Alternatives on Sale Now to Get You Unstuck from the Snow

Tire chains can be a pain to put on your wheels, so here are some discounted alternatives.

tire chain alternatives on sale at walmart

It sure seems like we're making fast progress on our yearly snow totals, with a few storms rolling through recently. Of course, fresh powder can make the roads treacherous. Along with a good winter emergency kit, anti-slip tire wraps are an essential part of a contingency plan. These act like conventional tire chains, but are much easier to install. Plus, in many areas around the country, metal snow chains smashing up pavement is frowned upon—so to be on the safe side, we like these alternatives.

As a bonus, all of these are on sale, courtesy of Walmart. So if you've been holding off on getting a set, there's no better time than now. Even if you don't use them this winter (hopefully, you'll never have to), you'll have them ready for the next one. Now, that's good planning.

Here Are the Tools You Need to Get Your Car Unstuck from the Snow

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1 Nylon Traction Strips

These nylon traction strips are a whopping 60 percent off right now. This set includes 10 strips, and while the picture shows 10 on one tire, we think you could get away with five each on two tires. The strips are basically giant nylon zip ties with grips on the bottom—so while they're not exactly reusable, they should help you get out of the snow when you need to. However, if you have wider tires, double-check the sizing chart to make sure they'll fit.

2 Anti-Skid Tire Wraps

These tire wraps are a bit beefier, but at the same time pricier. Luckily, they're on sale at a 30 percent discount. You get only one wrap per purchase, but they're more durable and have a larger grippy surface area than the nylon strips. Grip also comes from the depth of the built-in steel nails digging into the snow.

3 Metal Traction Cables
Peerless Chain Company

At a glance, they might look like conventional chains, but they're metal traction cables, and they're just under 50 percent off. Peerless says the cables are for two tires and meet Class S clearance requirements if you have a small gap between fender and wheel. Installation is a bit trickier than with singular anti-slip wraps, but these offer much more all-around coverage.

4 Anti-Slip Tire Straps

If you're looking for maximum surface area for grip, check out these anti-slip tire straps, now 17 percent off. This set gives you six straps, which is plenty for two wheels. They're beefy too—built with tough TPU plastic, steel studs, and an aluminum-alloy fastener. If you want maximum grip, these are the ones to get.

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