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Never Let a Dead Battery Strand You Again with These Portable Jump-Starters

No need to call a buddy—these portable jump-starters pack enough punch on their own.

jump starters for your car

It's one of the worst feelings, hearing that agonizing strained tick-tick-tick, a telltale sign that your battery is dead. While you should fix the problem as soon as possible, sometimes you just gotta get where you want to go. In the old days, you had to call a buddy to come and jump your battery. It was time consuming, inconvenient, and, frankly, embarrassing. Well, those days are no longer. Now your "friend" can fit in your glovebox—in the shape of a do-it-all little box.

It's amazing how much power one of these little things can produce, all in a convenient package. Just turn it on and connect it to the battery correctly, and your vehicle should start right up. We compiled this list based on ratings from Amazon and our own personal experience to bring you our top picks for portable jump-starters. Pick up one of these and don't let a dead battery make you late.

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1 Boost Plus 1000-Amp Jump-Starter
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This jump-starter from Noco is the top-rated choice on Amazon, with more than 40,000 five-star reviews. At 1000 amps, its peak amperage is lower than some on this list, but that's plenty of power to start most passenger vehicles. Noco claims that at full charge, there's enough juice to produce 20 starts. A rubberized exterior prevents scratched fenders.


2 2000-Amp Portable Car Jump-Starter

If your ride has a big engine, you'll need more power. This jump-starter from Imazing, rated at 2000 amps, is designed to jump up to 10.0-liter gas and 8.0-liter diesel engines. A range of output plugs can be used to charge various devices on the go, and the jump-starter can fully recharge in 4.5 hours.


3 High-Power Jump-Starter
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This is another high-power jump-starter, but it features a more intuitive 3.3-inch LED screen. Hulkman rates it at 2000 amps and claims it can produce up to 60 starts on a charge. The big bonus is that it's designed to fully charge in just 1.5 hours. For reliable and continuous strength, this is the one.


4 1600-Amp Portable Car Jump-Starter

This jump starter from DBPower is a great blend of power and affordability. Featuring a 1600-amp rating, it's powerful enough to jump start a 7.2-liter gas or 5.5-liter diesel engine. All the expected outputs are included, and a neat little compass is embedded right on the top in case you get really lost.


5 Jump-Starter and Power Bank

This kit from Michelin might not have the online popularity of the other choices, but I've used this myself, and it works great for smaller engines. Michelin rates it at just 500 amps, but you won't notice. Under a rubber cover are two USB charging ports for your phone and other accessories. It doesn't have the power or displays of some of the other choices here, but it's a solid, no-frills jump-starter nonetheless.


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