Please Enjoy Michael Schumacher Pushing His V-10 F1 Car to the Limit at Monza

One of the best drivers in one of the best cars on one of the best tracks.

It's okay to admit you miss Formula 1's V-10 era. No one can blame you. Sound is one of the most important parts of being a motorsport fan, and F1's V-10s had the best of any race car the world has ever known. Relive those glory days with seven-time champion Michael Schumacher as he pushes his Ferrari to the limits at Monza through this onboard footage from 2005.

This video, published on YouTube, was filmed from atop Schumacher's Ferrari F2005 during a free practice session preceding the Italian Grand Prix. Even though he wasn't going for any official lap time, it's clear the German legend was on it, taking turns flat out and using the entire track to squeeze out every millisecond. Much to our delight, he didn't hesitate to use every RPM available to him.

Despite Schumacher's best efforts, he only managed to score 7th in the race, directly in front of his teammate, Rubens Barrichello. In fact, the F2005 was one of the least successful cars in the 2005 season, winning just one race—the United States Grand Prix where nearly every car pulled out of the event due to tire failures at Indianapolis. But we still look back on it fondly because of its sound. Once you listen, you'll understand why.

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